Plants That Live in a Humid Subtropical Climate

Updated February 21, 2017

A umid subtropical climate is characterised with high levels of humidity in the air. The annual precipitation in these regions is evenly distributed over the year and frost is usually an occasional issue during winters. The summer temperature in the humid, subtropics ranges between 20.5 to 25.5 degrees C and winter temperature rarely drop below 0 degrees C. The plants ideally suited for the humid, subtropical areas are often the native plants of these and similar other regions around the world.


Acalypha (Euphorbiaceae) are native shrubs of the tropics which thrive in humid and subtropical weather. The densely structures shrubs have a rapid growth rate. Acalypha tolerate heat but have a low tolerance for dry winds which tends to burn their foliage. There are a number of varieties of acalypha, all of which grow in areas of full sun or partial shade. The foliage of acalypha is large and serrated and comes in shades of orange, yellow, green, red and gold all often appearing on the same plant.


Beaumontia (Apocynaceae) is a plant group containing nine species of evergreen, fragrant plants which are native to the humid, subtropical regions from India to Vietnam. The plants have sturdy, glossy foliage and bloom with long, white, tubular flowers for most of the year. Beaumontia grow best in semi-shade and fertile, moist soil. The plants grow vigorously under optimal conditions hence require room to spread. Prune after plants have finished flowering. Beumontia are ideal for sheltered patios or for climbing on trellises and can easily be cultivated from cuttings.

Orchid Trumpet Vine

Orchid trumpet vine (Clytostoma callistergiodes) is a native subtropical vine from South America. The plant is also referred to as Argentine and grows optimally in warm, humid climates. Orchid trumpet vine blooms prolifically with flower clusters in shades of lavender or orchid pink with streaks of purple. The vine is favoured for its extended blooming where it flowers for most of the time during spring and summer. The dark and lustrous foliage creates thick cover when grown as a background plant. Orchid trumpet vine is a vigorous plants with a rapid growth rate.

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