List of emergency phone numbers

Updated April 17, 2017

Having a list of emergency phone numbers available in your home will help you make important phone calls quickly without delaying to search for the number. This is especially helpful for babysitters, friends and relatives you rely on the watch you children or pets or to housesit.


Everyone in your home, even children, should to know how to contact the police and fire brigades by dialling 911. If you believe someone is vandalising your property, trying to break in or you discover you have been robbed, the first thing you'll need to do is contact the police. It's also important to be able to contact the fire brigade by dialling 911 as quickly as possible. Cooking in the kitchen is not the only cause of home fires. Unattended fireplaces, electrical problems and unexpected lightening storms can suddenly spark a fire that roars dangerously out of control before you know it.

Poison Control

If you or someone in your family takes too much medication, or consumes or comes in contact with some toxic substance, you should immediately contact the poison control centre to get immediate assistance. The operator will contact an ambulance and ask a series of questions to instruct you on what to do (or not do) before help arrives. For example, vomiting is safe when ingesting some poisonous substances, but inducing vomiting is unsafe if you've ingested others.


Your doctor's phone number should be among your list of emergency phone numbers, especially if you have children or are under a doctor's care for a chronic condition that requires monitoring of your health on a daily basis. Even if you suffer a setback that requires a visit to the emergency room or a hospital stay, your primary physician or specialist will want to keep emergency teams informed of your condition.

Work Number

List the work numbers for everyone in your residence in case there is an emergency. Some occupations do not allow employees to have cell phones turned on during the work, so providing an office number is essential.

Cell Phone Number

If you routinely have someone come into your home to care for your children, pets or house while you're away, it's important that they are able to contact you immediately during an emergency.

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