Tips on how to clean fabric vertical blinds

Written by marsanne petty | 13/05/2017
Tips on how to clean fabric vertical blinds
The method of cleaning vertical blinds depends upon the material from which they're made. (vertical yellow background image by .shock from

Vertical blinds typically come in four different styles: fabric, wood and metal or vinyl. Living in a home creates a vast amount of dust and debris, much of it coming from dead skin, pet dander and outdoor dust that finds its way into the home. Cleaning this debris off of the vertical blinds serves two purposes: to reduce the amount of allergens in the home and to keep the vertical blinds looking nice and neat.


Vacuum the vertical blinds with the vacuum attachment. Rather than using the vacuum to go up and down the blinds, vacuum across them in a horizontal fashion, which allows the vacuum to pick up more dust and keeps dust from falling to the floor.

Firm Brush

A firm brushing with a stiff brush removes most of the dust from fabric vertical blinds. Brush in downward strokes to remove the most debris. Avoid brushing in an upward direction, as that may make the blinds come unhooked from the fastener at the top.

Nylon Backed Sponge

Scrub the fabric vertical blinds with a white, nylon-backed sponge to remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the blinds. Stroke down the slats of the blinds to keep them from coming unlatched at the top. Nylon-backed sponges are stronger than standard sponges and don't leave extra debris on the blinds.

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