Ideas for a Wall Mounted TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Wall-mounted televisions help you avoid bulky furniture on the floor, giving your media room a more modern, efficient design. By combining a wall-mounted flat screen television with other wall furnishings, you can create a full media centre that takes up no floor space at all, which can make your room feel larger as well as making routine floor cleaning easier because you don't have to vacuum around or move furniture.

Floating Media Center

Surround your wall-mounted TV with glass floating shelves for your DVD and CD collection. Choose a lightweight DVD player, and let it sit on a shelf of its own below the TV. If your speakers are too heavy for floating shelves (those without visible brackets), choose sleek metal or polished wood shelving with open-weave metal brackets to maintain the modern look. Group your media shelves around the TV at varying heights in a balanced but asymmetrical pattern, and combine functions for rear-placement surround-sound speakers by incorporating them into end tables if you cannot wall-mount them at the back of the room.

Master Bedroom Theater

Mount your TV on the wall opposite the head of your bed, ensuring it is at a comfortable height for easy viewing. Build or buy a headboard and nightstands with plenty of built-in shelving for media, and place your DVD and other media players there rather than next to the TV. Run the connecting cables up to the ceiling, where it meets the nearest wall, to keep the room looking tidy, or use cord covers and paint over them for a more direct path from the player to the TV. This will allow you to change DVDs without leaving the comfort of your bed. Hang a curtain from the ceiling on a remote-controlled track, spaced just a few inches in front of your wall-mounted TV, which will allow you to hide the screen with fabric when not in use, creating the look of an extra window and softening the feel of the room.

Recessed Mounts

Recessed TV mounting is an ambitious installation but it gives your room a sleek, finished look. Recessed wall mounting requires removing a portion of the interior wall and studs. You must reframe the area for the TV, as if placing a window there, and refinish the wall interior to match the surrounding wall. Mounting brackets specifically designed for recessed mounts will hold your TV in place in the inset "window" portion, leaving the screen surface flush with the surrounding wall. At least 3 inches of open space above the TV and adequate airspace behind the TV is required to keep the electronics from overheating, particularly with plasma TV units.

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