Paint colors that go with red brick

Written by augustus clipper | 13/05/2017
Paint colors that go with red brick
Complement a brick feature with wall colour. (BRICK WALL image by brelsbil from

Brick features, such as fireplaces or exposed walls, provide an instant focal point in a room. Highlight the texture and colour of your brick elements with carefully selected paint colours. Choose contrasting shades or similar hues depending on your design aesthetic. For maximum design impact, keep brick clean by regularly scrubbing the surface with a hard bristle brush and warm water.


Red and white pair well together, and the high contrast makes for an interesting design aesthetic. Combine red brick with creamy shades of white for s simple look. Seek out slightly off-white shades, such as linen or ecru, to introduce some dimension and also complement the slightly off-white mortar in a brick fireplace or wall. To add texture and visual interest to the space, incorporate natural fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton in window treatments, area rugs and throw pillows. Furniture upholstered in leather also adds richness to the understated colour scheme.


Blue is considered an analogous colour to red because it is on the same side of the colour wheel. Red and blue, when paired together in an interior, create a seamless look. Add hints of purple for a smooth visual effect as purple falls directly between blue and red on the wheel. Accessories, such as throw pillows, picture frames and lampshades in deep blues and purples will pick up similar hues from the brick to emphasise the variability of colour in the brick. Generally darker blue shades work best with brick features. Utilise white for window treatments to add some lightness to the space.


Create a fiery and exciting space with a red and orange colour combination. Instead of using a complementary colour for red (such as green) opt for a shade on the same side of the colour wheel for an intense effect. Colours from sunny yellows to blood oranges work well. Choose rusty orange hues for a desert-inspired space. Terracotta pots complement the colour scheme and help introduce some cool shades to the space with potted plants.

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