Gift Ideas for Girls Age 14

Updated July 20, 2017

Buying for teenage girls can be a daunting task. They can be hard to please and are prone to change their minds--they love something one day and hate it next. Their sense of style is constantly changing. When choosing a gift for a 14-year-old girl, keep in mind that she is just exploring her teenage years. Choose something that appeals to her interests, allows her to feel grown up or connects her to her friends.

Spa Day

Most girls, regardless of age, love the opportunity to be pampered. Seek out local salons and spas and ask about gift cards or certificates. Your options usually will include facials, manicures, pedicures and massages. If you're the girl's mother, aunt, sister or someone who can enjoy this gift with her, that's even better. Take your 14-year-old for a girls' day and she'll feel grown up and fabulous.


If a laptop isn't an option, netbooks offer many of the same perks for about half the price. This will provide your teen with something to use for social networking as well as school projects or research. These mini-laptops are durable, light and portable and can be taken virtually anywhere, which is great for teens constantly on the move.


Most teenagers don't want to pay for magazines, but love looking through them. Magazine subscriptions will last your 14-year-old a few months to a year, depending on what kind you purchase. And their are magazines to suit the interests of the fashion savvy to the pop culture maniacs and everything in between. Find one that mirrors the interests of your teen.


Teenagers have grown up in a very visual age; they generally love to document everything they do. By providing your recipient with a camera, she will be able to record some of the most important times of her younger years. Pair this gift with a scrapbook or an album or let her post her photos on her social networking website.

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