Hindu engagement gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

Hindu engagement gifts often involve traditional family jewellery or different types of traditional cultural food including jaangri, a special sweet. Gifts are given by both the bride and groom to each other's families, along with the families presenting gifts to the to-be newlyweds.

Gifts from the Bride and Groom

Gifts are often exchanged from the bridge or groom to their significant other's family. The bride is usually given a piece of traditional family jewellery from the groom's parents. In exchange, the bride often gives the groom's family jaangri, which is a special dessert made from saffron strands, sugars, rose essence and vegetable oils.

Gift Between Families

Engagement gifts between entire families involved in the engagement include baskets filled with different fruits, both regular and dried and other sweets. The gifts are given to each family at the same time in an exchange.

Gift Shared by Families

The engagement plate, or "tattu," is exchanged between the families and is considered to play a large role in the engagement ceremony. It is often eaten together with the two families, serving as one of the first meals to join the family together. The dish is often eaten within days of the wedding ceremony. The plate consists of coconuts, turmeric, beetle nuts and leaves and flowers.


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