Birthday Party Game Ideas for 7-Year-Olds

Updated March 23, 2017

Before the age of 7, your child may have been content playing simple party games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Now that he is growing up, you need to come up with games that are more active and mentally stimulating. By centring a party on games that take more skill, your child and his guests will be more entertained and they will ask to play them again and again.

Mummy Wrap

In this game you will need to split your guests into groups of two or three people each. Give each group a roll or two of toilet paper. Each group chooses a "mummy" who must be wrapped up completely in the paper after you give them the cue. After being wrapped, the mummies must race from one end of the room to the other. The first mummy back is the winner. Play the game a few times so that everybody has a chance to be the mummy. There is no need to buy expensive toilet paper for this and it is best to buy in bulk one-ply to keep costs down.

Hula Hoopla

Hula Hoopla is a game that requires two hula hoops and equal-sized teams. In this relay race, each group must hold each other's hands while standing in a line. The first member of the group must pass the hula hoop to the second without letting go of her hands. The hula hoop must travel to the other side of the group and then back again. The first group to get the hoop back is the winner. Play the game a few times and switch up the order each time. Add some additional challenge to the game by blindfolding the participants.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic party game that requires the guests to pay attention as they follow instructions. The "Simon" of the group, either a child or an adult, must say "Simon says" before an instruction that the group should follow. For example if he says "Simon says touch your nose," the party guests must touch their noses. If he says "Touch your nose" without the "Simon says" the group should not do anything. If any guests perform an action that was requested without the "Simon says" they are eliminated. Play the game a few times to find out the overall Simon Says party champion.

Ha, Ha, Ha

Gather your guests into a circle for this game in which the object is to keep a straight face. The first player begins by saying "ha." The next player says "ha, ha." Each player adds a "ha" as they go around the circle. Each "ha" must be stated extremely seriously. If a player starts laughing she is eliminated. Once eliminated, a player may try to get the other players to laugh with funny faces and sounds. The player who keeps a straight face the longest is the winner.

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