Boys 8th birthday party ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

A boy's 8th birthday party is usually a boys-only event. Boys at this age have a wide variety of interests, and you should find a theme or idea that matches your son's interests. Thinking outside the traditional party ideas can allow your son to have a party that his friends will remember for a long time.

Bowling Party

A bowling party allows the boys to spend time together while keeping the mess out of your home. Ask the parents to drop off and pick up the boys at the bowling alley. Most bowling alleys have a room you can rent for the party as well as party packages that provide refreshments and cake. You can also provide money so the boys can play video games at the bowling alley. The gift bag might include candy and a miniature bowling set.

Backyard Campout

A backyard campout is a twist on the traditional slumber party. Most parents are more comfortable with the boys sleeping outside if the yard is fenced in and if an adult is present to supervise them at all times. Set up a tent in the backyard for the boys to camp in. If possible, set up a fire pit in your backyard; use a portable fire pit or your grill if necessary. Build a campfire and have the boys roast hot dogs and make S'mores. They can tell spooky stories or camp stories. Additionally you can set up a telescope and show the boys different stars and constellations. Set up strict rules about not leaving your property at night. Serve breakfast in the morning before they go home.

Classic Games Party

This party works well for a large group of boys. The games are all outside games and need a large backyard or field to play the games. Bring supplies for several of the games, and let the boys choose which ones they want to play. Theses games can include capture the flag, kick the can, hide and seek or Horse basketball. Provide snacks and a cooler full of drinks for the boys. The party bag might include the rules to these classic games as well as traditional toys, such as a yo-yo or a paddle ball.

Star Wars Party

Host a Star Wars birthday party for your 8 year old. Plan to show one of the Star Wars movies and clear it with the parents when you send out the invitations. Additionally, play a Star Wars trivia game and ask questions about the different movies and cartoons. Another option is to allow the boys to use pool noodles as light sabres. You can give those away as part of the goody bag along with Star Wars pencils and stickers at party's end.

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