Gifts for a Dinner Party Host

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are going to someone's home for a dinner party, it's a tradition to bring a gift for the party's host. The gift does not have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful. A small present is an appropriate way to say "thank you" for the hard work the host has put into planning the dinner party.

Gourmet Items

Bring a gourmet gift the host can use after the dinner party, such as a bottle of nice olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Another gourmet gift the host is sure to appreciate is something he can munch on, such as a wedge of expensive cheese or some dark chocolate truffles.


Hosting a dinner party can be stressful, so bring the host breakfast for the next morning so he won't have to worry about it. Pack a basket with a small bag of nice coffee, a couple of cute coffee mugs and some pastries from a local bakery.

Home Accessories

If you've been to the host's home before and know his sense of style, bring him something he can use in his home. Look for a cool vase that complements the colours in his decor. Barware is another gift most people enjoy. Think about cocktail glasses, wine bottle stoppers or fun coasters.


Buy something with the host's initials monogrammed on it for a personal gift. You don't have to have the item monogrammed yourself. Lots of stores sell different items with single initials already monogrammed. Just look for something with the host's first or last initial monogrammed on it, such as a set of dinner napkins, stationery or a throw blanket.


Bring the host a book that she will enjoy. Consider a best-selling novel or nonfiction book that has recently become popular. Or, look for a book that contains information about one of the host's hobbies, such as gardening, golfing or scrapbooking. If the host loves to travel, purchase a coffee table book about one of his favourite destinations.


If you aren't sure what to purchase, you can't go wrong with flowers. Bring a vase filled with bright, seasonal blooms that the dinner party host can place on the table or somewhere else in her home. Or, bring a perennial plant that she can place in her yard. For a fun twist on this idea, consider sending the flowers the day of the party. The host may be a bit stressed, so receiving flowers will put a smile on her face.

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