My Little Pony Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

My Little Pony has been a childhood favourite among little girls for more than two decades, so it's no surprise that many young girls request a My Little Pony theme for their birthday. Many retailers offer an abundance of pony party supplies. And with a little work and creativity, you can create a My Little Pony cake that will delight the birthday girl and guests.

Pony-Shaped Cake

A cake in the shape of the birthday girl’s favourite pony will be a sure hit at the party. If you are artistic, you can sketch a pony design by hand, determine what sizes of baking pans you'll need and then cut it out to shape it. Then use decorator frosting tips to fill in the details. Otherwise, you can choose a pony-shaped pan made by Wilton. There are also online patterns that you can print out to use as a guide. You can customise your pony cake with sprinkles, sugar crystals or other candies. You can also add a special birthday message using candy letters.

Scene Cake With My Little Pony Figures

An option that serves as a cake and includes an extra little gift for the birthday girl is a scene cake with My Little Pony figures placed on top. You can create a flat scene such as a rainbow or grass and stream and make the cake three-dimensional by placing the figures and accessories on top of the cake. Another way to make the cake three-dimensional is to use a standard 9-by-13 rectangle cake and cut it into a fun shape such as a heart or star. There are a variety of frosting options such as gel to make the scene look lifelike. You can also add flower accents using cake decorating tips.

Pony Image Cake

Have the birthday girl choose her favourite colouring sheet either in a colouring book or online. You can then transfer the image to the cake by gently placing the page on top of the cake and using needles or toothpicks to poke through the paper with icing. You then remove the paper and there is an outline of the image to fill in. Use decorator frosting tips to fill in the picture and to add different textures such as grass, stars and flowers.

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