Barbie Party Ideas for a 5-Year-Old Birthday Girl

Updated February 21, 2017

Indulge in a little girl's princess fantasy with a birthday party inspired by the classic Barbie doll. A 5-year-old birthday girl will be delighted by the pink colour scheme, sweet treats and wide range of Barbie-themed games and activities. From the first invitations to the final party favour, add touches of Barbie through all aspects of the birthday party to create a magical birthday experience.

Invitations and Party Decor

When planning a Barbie party, you can never have too many glittery or pink accents. Purchase simple invitations in pink and embellish the exterior with pink ribbon, glitter or adhesive jewels. Make your own invitations by cutting a crown- or tiara-shaped invitation from heavy pink card stock. Decorate the peaks of the crown with jewels and write, "You're Invited" in pink glitter pen.

Decorate the party area with pink, purple and white decorations. Balloons, streamers and banners are traditional choices, but also consider stringing pink and white Christmas lights, purple feather boas or strands of shiny pink and white beads as party decor options. Many party supply stores offer life size cardboard Barbie cut outs for parties as well. Place a Barbie dream house in the centre of the dining or buffet table for an elaborate centrepiece.

Food and Cake

Guarantee easy eating with kid-friendly finger foods that don't require cutting. To keep with the romantic Barbie theme, use heart-shaped cookie cutters to form foods into feminine shapes; chicken nuggets, sandwiches and, of course, cookies are all more fun for 5-year-olds when they are served in interesting shapes. For a touch of pink, consider incorporating pink foods into the menu. For example, use a drop of red food colouring to white dips to turn them a pale rosy shade, or make peanut butter sandwiches with strawberry jam or strawberry marshmallow fluff. A pink Barbie cake is a suitable end to a Barbie themed meals; bake a simple yellow cake in a round Bundt pan and place a Barbie doll into the hole in the centre so that the cake forms the skirt of a dress. Frost the cake and the doll so that it appears that she is wearing the cake as a dress. A multitier display of pink frosting cupcakes is also a suitable dessert option; a candy buffet arranged with several clear glass jars filled with red, pink and purple candy doubles as a favour. Be sure to exclude any small hard candies which may pose choking hazards.

Activities and Games

Celebrate the glamorous life of a Barbie doll with a kid-friendly makeover station. Provide several vanities with play lipstick, glitter gloss and feathery hair accessories. Adults provide support for guests who need help applying make-up or arranging hair. After the makeovers are finished, invite guests to pose for pictures; during the party, print the pictures and place them in bejewelled frames to serve as decorations as well as party favours. For a more active game, purchase a life-size Barbie doll cutout from a party supply store. Cut and decorate a tiara from a piece of card stock. One at a time, blindfolded guests attempt to pin the tiara on the head of the Barbie cutout. Mark the location of each guests' attempt with a piece of masking tape with the guest's name. The guest with the closest pin wins a real tiara as a prize.

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