Concrete patio design ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Concrete is used in many building and construction designs, especially patios. It produces a hard, durable surface or clean, smooth edging and can be formed and textured into almost any style desired. Poured concrete in wooden frames creates any size patio block needed. Concrete poured into moulds produces textured plaques, stepping stones or pavers to create decorative patio flooring. Tinted and coloured concrete creates a wide variety of natural looking stone and block surfaces. Use concrete to design an attractive and stylish patio.

Use Stones

Use decorative stones in your concrete patio by pouring concrete and inlaying it with large river rocks or rose quartz stones. Mix large pebbles into the concrete for a textured, pebbled patio surface that looks rustic. White or clear quartz stones laid on top of poured concrete produces an elegant effect that sparkles in the sun. Make a decorative border around the edges of the patio by pressing stones or seashells into the concrete before it sets.

Use Color

Use colour in concrete patio blocks to create a softly hued floor that blends well with a rustic or elegant setting. Make large individual patio squares in browns and tans, or make smaller squares in pink, white, and cream for a pastel look that complements terra cotta pottery and wicker furniture. Use several colours to create a pleasing pattern on the patio surface.

Use Molds

Easy-to-use concrete moulds are available in any shape, size and texture desired. Make square tiles, large patio blocks, or sections that look like smooth, rounded stones. Use large, rectangular moulds with coloured concrete to create a natural stone look. Molds give you an endless variety of forms to create unique patio surfaces.

Use Different Shapes and Sizes

Instead of pouring one large slab of concrete, make different size frames to create different sizes of blocks to set in a gravel bed. Small and large squares and large rectangles fit together to form a pleasing flooring pattern. Triangles, either in one colour or different colours, make interesting patio designs. Circular forms, half circles and irregular shapes create an interesting style for patio flooring.

Press-in Design

Lay a poured concrete patio slab and before it is set and dry, press designs, textures or shapes into it. Use wood forms to make stamps with three or four sections that you press into semi-set concrete to form squares or press a round bowl or cup into the concrete around the edges of the patio to create a border design.

Create Seating and Planters

Create concrete patio seating and planters. Pour large blocks for bench bases and slabs for bench seats. When the concrete has cured and dried, place slabs on top of two bases for patio benches. Spray the inside of a plastic garbage can with concrete release, spray the outside and bottom of a smaller garbage can with concrete release, pour a half inch layer of concrete in the bottom of the larger can. Put the smaller can into the larger can and pour cement into the space between the two cans. When the concrete has cured and dried completely, remove the cans and drill drainage holes in the bottom of the planter.

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