Romantic gestures that cost nothing

Updated November 21, 2016

Many people feel that romance is something that occurs only in the beginning of a relationship, when a couple is trying to impress each other. Others think that romance comes with a high price tag, such as a weekend getaway or a four-star dinner by candlelight. Although these are indeed romantic gestures, sometimes the most romantic things are simple---and free.

Love Notes

Write a bunch of short, loving notes and leave them in a variety of places that your partner is sure to encounter within a day. For example, leave a note on the bathroom mirror that you adore your partner's backside, a note on the windshield admiring his smile, or one in his briefcase with promises of what you plan to do later.

Bubble Bath

Draw a bubble bath for your partner. If you don't have any bubble bath liquid, dish soap has the same result. Put on some relaxing music and light any candles that you have. Invite your partner to wind down and have a little alone time to put the day into perspective. You may even be invited to join!


No one can resist the prospect of a nice back rub, especially after a long and stressful day of work. It allows your partner to relax and just enjoy the sensation of your hands working out all of the muscular tension. Of course, it could also lead to reciprocation or something more.


Fix your partner lunch. Many people have to rush during their lunch break to get something to eat and scarf it down. Even if it's packing up leftovers from last night, it shows that you care about him while he's at work.

I Love You

There is one gesture that should be made every day that doesn't cost a cent: saying, "I love you." Although you may have been together for an eternity, it's always nice to give that verbal reassurance of your romantic feelings.

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