80s Party Food Ideas

Written by donny quinn | 13/05/2017
80s Party Food Ideas
An 80s party can be as simple as pizza and 80s music. (Disque vinyle eighties image by Olivier Poncelet from Fotolia.com)

Eighties-themed parties recall the kitsch and decadence of the eighties. For an eighties-themed function, party goers might dress up in fishnets and punk-inspired tees and dance to great 80s tunes like those from Madonna or Cyndi Lauper. Why stop at dress and music? Certain foods and decorations also characterise the '80s.

Sunglasses and Hair Bow Cakes

Sunglasses and hair bows--both emblematic parts of 80s pop culture--can invoke the decade when used in food decorations. You can cut dark brown or black fondant into simple sunglasses shapes for the top of cupcakes. Put pink fondant into two triangles and put point to point on a cupcake to create the base of a hair bow. Add sparkles and string to decorate. For the ambitious host, cut a two-layer cake into the shape of a hair bow and decorate accordingly. For a quicker party decoration, pick up hair bows at a dollar store and (after cleaning), place onto the top of store-bought cupcakes.

TMNT Pizza

Extremely iconic, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' love of pizza was legendary. If you want to serve a quick and easy dish at your 80s party, set out pizza in a serving dish and surround with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys, found on eBay or other online retailer. For a more detailed host, individual mini pizza boxes can be decorated with the images of the four turtles, their bandannas and weapons, which are all listed on the Ninja Turtles website.

McRib Sandwiches

According to KC Library, McDonald's McRib sandwich was one of the most popular foods of the 80s. Indeed, the 80s saw the rise in the popularity of fast food chains, so iconic foods from any of these chains can be used. For the McRib, serve a simple rib sandwich on a long onion roll (baked with butter so that the top of the bread turns a deep gold). Slice the sandwiches into 3-inch thick mini sandwiches and place onto a tray in the shape of two golden arches.


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