Brazilian Party Themes

Updated March 23, 2017

As a country that knows how to celebrate, Brazil can be a great starting point when you're trying to think of a theme for your next party. These themes are particularly nice in the summer when you can host the party outdoors in the sunshine, although you can easily throw the party indoors if necessary.

Carnival Party

As the biggest party in Brazil, Carnival provides an instant theme that guarantees a fun night. Carnival is known for its extravagant, feathery costumes and masks, so visit your local party supply store for brightly coloured decorations, as well as masks to hand out to your guests. Find a few playlists or CDs with traditional Brazilian samba dance music to play through the stereo, and break out the grill to prepare a selection of fish, seafood and various fruits for an easy but elegant meal.

Churrascaria Party

A churrascaria, otherwise known as a Brazilian steakhouse, is a style of restaurant that originated in Brazil's southern states. Choose a selection of beef and pork roasts, chicken, pork chops, and whole, shaved pineapples rubbed with cinnamon to skewer and slow roast. A few hosts and helpers can walk around the room with a skewer, allowing guests to use their forks and knives to cut as much meat as they want onto their plates. Choose a few bottles of good, red Chilean wine to accompany the meal, along with a traditional Brazilian dessert of blended papaya and ice cream. The waiters at Brazilian churrascarias are known as "gauchos," or cattle ranchers, so a South American cowboy theme will work well for decor.

Copacabana Beach Party

If you have access to a pool or backyard, your guests will love a party based on the most famous beach in Brazil. Set up a volleyball net in or out of the pool for guests to work up their appetites, and prepare a buffet with lots of fresh fruit and seafood platters, along with traditional Brazilian black beans and rice. Caipirinhas, the national drink of Brazil made from cachaca (Brazilian rum), limes and cane sugar, are refreshing on a hot day.

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