Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Written by sylvia branch
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Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
Serve fish-shaped crackers in fish bowls at the party in honour of one of Dr. Seuss' most beloved characters, The Cat in the Hat. (Home cat and a gold fish. image by Kavita from

Hold a Dr. Seuss party to celebrate a family member's birthday, or celebrate the birthday of the author, Theodor S. Geisel, on March 2. Dr. Seuss is a favourite of all children, and many adults grew up reading his books. So a Dr. Seuss birthday party is fitting for everyone --- especially anyone who shares his birthday.


In honour of the Dr. Seuss book "It's a Great Day for Up," hang kites from the ceiling. Giant cutout stars could be used instead as a tribute to the book, "The Sneetches." Use an overhead projector to trace large images of some of your favourite Dr. Seuss characters. Cut out, colour and tape on the walls. Colourful streamers and balloons can fill out the party decorations.

Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
Kites make a playful display for your Dr. Seuss party. (kites for sale image by Scott Slattery from

Dr. Seuss Crafts

Invite your guests to create outrageous hats when they arrive. Set out a table full of party hats and art supplies. They can add sequins, feathers, stickers and tissue paper flowers to their hats. You can read "The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins" while your guests are creating.

Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
Inexpensive straw hats can be decorated instead of using paper hats. (hats image by AGITA LEIMANE from

Dr. Seuss Party Games

Play with playground balls. Tape stars on the balls and have the kids toss them to each other or play a game of four-square. You could have two teams. One team can have a ball with a star, the other team can have a ball without a star to represent the book "The Sneetches."

Hold a fish relay race. Fill two plastic fish bowls with water. Place a plastic fish in each bowl. Divide the party guests into two groups and have the first person on each team race to a designated spot and back holding the fish bowl. The next person in line then takes it and races back and so on until the last person on each team is done. The team with the most water left in the bowl at the end wins.

Younger children can make a marching band with found and makeshift instruments such as pots and pans, spoons and other household items. Let them bang the instruments as they play Follow the Leader.

Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
Stick stars on several balls for the party guests. (coloured play balls image by think jesters from

Dr. Seuss Party Food

Play on the Dr. Seuss theme by making food from the books. Make a cheese tree from the book "Fox in Socks" by sticking cheese cubes into a styrofoam cone with toothpicks. Serve ham sandwiches and devilled eggs for the book "Green Eggs and Ham." Add a drop of green food colouring to the egg filling to make the eggs green.

Dessert can be a traditional birthday cake and ice cream, or you can make ABC sugar cookies for the kids to decorate at the party with frosting and sprinkles. If you want to be a little daring, and you have the money, try to design a cake that leans as they often do in Dr. Seuss' books. You could also serve bread with the butter side down!

Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
If you serve ice cream sundaes, be sure to put a cherry on top for the book, "Oh, the Thinks You Can Think." (cherries in a glass bowl image by GeoM from

The End/Thank You Notes

Say thank you with a Dr. Seuss embellished card. Copy an image of your child's favourite Dr. Seuss character from a book or website. Cut it out and paste on a sheet of scrapbook paper. Balloons, stars, kites, fish or other background images would be appropriate for the scrapbook paper. Fold the paper in half and write a thank you note inside, followed by the words "The End."

Ideas for a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
Use scrapbook paper that is covered with a colourful background image for your thank-you notes. (balloon party paper image by robert mobley from

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