Home remedies for cleaning leather couches

Written by bailey shoemaker richards | 13/05/2017
Home remedies for cleaning leather couches
Cleaning leather can be a challenge. (white leather furniture image by Leonid Nyshko from Fotolia.com)

Cleaning a leather couch can be a major project. Leather is expensive and easily damaged by harsh cleaners and even everyday wear and tear. Keeping a leather couch clean is the easiest way to avoid long-term damage to the couch, and there are many ways to clean a couch at home without resorting to expensive chemical cleaners.

Regular Cleaning

Home remedies for cleaning leather couches
Vacuuming a couch can help keep it clean. (brush image by Albo from Fotolia.com)

The simplest way to clean a leather couch at home is to do a basic clean on a weekly basis. Vacuuming the couch to remove pet hair, food crumbs and other items is an easy way to prevent stains and smells. Use a soft-bristle vacuum attachment to avoid scratching the leather. For an accidental spill, wipe up the affected area with a cloth immediately and follow it up by wiping the area with a damp cloth to prevent stickiness.

Stain Removal

Home remedies for cleaning leather couches
Nail polish remover can remove stains from leather. (manicure-nail polish remover image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.com)

If a leather couch is stained, there is a simple way to remove it. Dilute a small amount of nail polish remover in water. Test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the couch first to ensure that it won't change the pigmentation of the leather. Apply the nail polish remover solution to the stain and allow it to sit for at least a minute before wiping it off with a damp cloth and drying the couch.

Cleaning the Whole Couch

Home remedies for cleaning leather couches
Leather can be cleaned with mild soap. (soap bubles image by Pomidors from Fotolia.com)

To clean the whole couch, mix a small amount of a mild dish soap with a bowl or bucket of clean water. Dampen a rag in the soap and water and wring it out before wiping down the couch with the moist rag. Wipe the soap off with a rag dampened in water to remove the soap before drying the couch. Use another rag to restore the leather's shine by buffing the clean leather couch.

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