Crazy Party Games for Adults

Written by jeffrey brian | 13/05/2017
Crazy Party Games for Adults
Adult party games can get outright crazy. (games image by Ewe Degiampietro from

Games aren't just for kids; adults need to have some fun, too. Adult party games tend to be a bit more risque, provocative and mature in content, meaning they can be outright crazy. Turn your next get together into a night of laughter and jokes with a few planned adult party games.

Horses and Riders

A variation of "musical chairs." The men, also known as the "horses," sit on chairs and the women, aka "the riders" walk around in a circle. When the music stops, each rider must jump on a horse. Play continues just like traditional musical chairs, only in this game a man must leave each time, taking his chair with him. One woman is eliminated in each round, until it comes down to a final winner.

Drinking Games

No games is more adult oriented than a drinking game. Gather all your legal drinking age and above friends for a night of drinking games. Card games such as "Presidents and A**holes" and "I Never" are popular favourites. You could also hold a beer pong tournament and see whose shooting skills are best, as well as who can't handle his beer.

Feeding Time

This is a couple's game. Have the women sit on one side of the room with bib and filled baby bottles. Have the men line up on the opposite side of the room. When you say "go" the men run to their partner and sit on her lap. She must then put the bib on him and feed him a bottle. The first man to finish the bottle and take off his bib wins. The catch is the men cannot touch the bottle with their hands; the women must feed it to them.

Truth Or Dare

Play a classic game of truth or dare. You can set the limits ahead of time regarding acceptable dare, or just go for it and see what your friends dare you to do.

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