Easy landscaping ideas for a front yard with a slope

Updated February 21, 2017

Every homeowner wants an attractive front yard. The front yard is what people see when they come and go. It serves two different functions: making an impression and allowing people access to the house and grounds. Therefore front yard landscaping should create striking and accessible areas. While a sloped front yard does make some landscaping ideas impractical, there are many easy yet beautiful ideas left to try.


A classic solution to landscaping a sloped front yard is to build terraces. These are flat areas cut into the ground and held in place with retaining walls or trees. This gives the slope a step-like appearance. It maximises the use of the sloping land, allowing you to plant gardens and build walkways as well as set up recreational areas. Many people find terraced yards to be quite beautiful.

Tree Sculpting

Sloped yards tend to have problems with shallow-rooted plants, which can wash downhill when it rains, along with the soil they need. One landscaping solution is deep-rooted plants such as trees and the concept of arborsculpture, the art of shaping living trees for landscaping.

Young trees bend and grow in whatever direction pressure is applied to them. This causes trees that are woven or tied together to grow into almost any desired shape. They form into living gazebos, bridges, arches, and walkways. Trunks can be grown into elaborate geometric designs and symbols. Richard Reams, an arborscultptor interviewed in Cabinet Magazine, claims he can grow chairs and boats out of trees.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are another easy type of landscaping on a sloped front yard. They do not need watering or weeding. The rocks will not likely be washed away. You can put them down and they will stay in place for years. Use stones found in your own yard or buy stones in different shapes and colours from a landscaping company. You can arrange the stones into mandalas, build them into walkways or even copy Zen rock garden designs.


Frame the front of the house by keeping smaller plants next to the entrance. Grass gives a desirable colour and texture to a yard and comes in different varieties and shades of green. Arrange small flower beds around your front door and light up your front yard with solar powered garden lights.

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