Craft ideas using horse shoes

Updated February 21, 2017

Horseshoes may be made from steel, aluminium or rubber and were originally designed to fit horses' hooves. Horseshoes have evolved into both a popular backyard game as well as a material for a variety of craft projects. Some cultures believe that luck flows from the ends of a horseshoe. Customs vary from hanging horseshoes with the ends up to contain the luck, or with the ends down so the luck will drain into the owner.


Craft a bench using horseshoes as the primary building material. Arrange horseshoes in a pattern for the sides and leg supports as well as the seat and the back of the bench. Solder the tips of one shoe to the arc of another to connect them in vertical rows. Solder the sides together to create horizontal rows. Design the side supports with a horizontal row of four horseshoes at the leg base and build up the sides with additional rows of horseshoes. You can also make a more comfortable bench using horseshoes to make the sides and legs and wood for the seat and the back.


You can craft a flat, S-shaped table centrepiece using two horseshoes. Hook one inside of the other to create the S; wrap ribbon or twine around both shoes where they meet in the centre, or loosely along the S design. Glue the ribbons in place with a glue gun. Decorate the horseshoes with votive candles, scattered glass beads, sprigs of herbs and other embellishments that suit your room decor Place a large pillar candle in the centre of each horseshoe to complete the centrepiece.

Wedding Favors

Offer your wedding guests good luck and best wishes with horseshoe wedding favours. Paint full size horse shoes to coordinate with your wedding colours, hot glue dried flowers along one section and tie a decorative ribbon on to match. Metal or acrylic paints are the best choices for painting metal horseshoes. You could also leave the horseshoes natural; tie an organza bow around one side and hot glue a sprig of fresh herbs in the centre of the bow. Another craft idea using horseshoes for your wedding favours is to paint them and then glue flat-backed rhinestones around the perimeter for a touch of sparkle. Your guests can use the good luck favours to decorate their homes and gardens.

Wall Art

Another craft idea you can make using horseshoes is rustic wall art. Attach a row of horseshoes to a barn wood panel to create a decoration for a garden wall or to accent a country or rustic home. Attach knobs or hooks beneath each horseshoe to turn the wall art into a functional coat hanger. If rustic designs do not suit your decor style, paint designs on the horseshoes with acrylics and any variety of decorative painting techniques. Instead of barn wood, attach the horseshoes to a painted wood board to accent a French country or country-style home.

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