Hindu Arts & Crafts for Kids

Art is an integral part of Hindu religion, culture and celebrations. Hindu art incorporates intricate design, bright colours and natural elements. Hindu art celebrates the gods and nature, which can be found in every part of a Hindu home or community. Traditional Hindu art includes Rangoli, Diwali Diyas, Mendhi hand and body painting. Kids can make their own Hindu arts and crafts with a few inexpensive supplies.

Rangoli Art

Rangoli is a traditional form of Hindu art that can be created using sand, flour, rice grains, flower petals, or any type of colourful material. Usually the designs are symmetrical geometric shapes, but may also depict animals and plants. Rangoli art is traditionally created on the floor or on the ground, but it can also be permanent art on paper. Kids can create their own permanent Rangoli art with chalk, construction paper, glue and coloured sand. Help the kids draw the outline of a design with chalk on dark construction paper. Use school glue to outline the design and then sprinkle colourful sand on the glue. Next, the kids need to fill in the design with more glue and different colours of sand. Fill the designs with rice dyed with food colouring, flower petals, or small colourful stones.

Diwali Diyas

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is the Hindu New Year celebrated each year in either October or in November. The celebration can last for up to five days. According to Gazette.Net, Hindus clean their homes and light their homes with many candles called diyas to welcome Lakshimi, the goddess of wealth. Kids can create their own special diya to celebrate Diwali with clay, a small glass jar and a tea candle. Air dry clay for 24 to 48 hours. Speed up the drying process by using a hair dryer. Paint the clay after it is completely dry. The kids should create their diya candle holder by rolling a rope of clay and coiling the clay into a pot shape. Press out a thin circle of clay about 2 inches in diameter, and coil the clay rope on the circle base until the pot is 1 1/2 to 2 inches tall. Make the diyas at least 2 inches in diameter for the tea candle to fit inside. After the clay is coiled into a pot, set it aside until it dries completely. Decorate the pot with fast drying acrylic paints when it is dry.

Mendhi Hand Designs

Mendhi are intricate swirled designs that Indian women paint on their hands and body for weddings and Diwali celebrations. Kids can create their own Mendhi designs by drawing an outline of their own hand on a piece of white paper. Small dots, diamond shapes and flower patterns are popular design elements. You may use cross hatch patterns to fill in large areas. Loops and curls between shapes can help pull the design elements together. Kids can incorporate geometric shapes like triangles and squares as well. Animals and faces may also be included in the line patterns. Encourage kids to use their own ideas for designs. They can decorate their paper hand with a brown felt tipped pen to simulate the colour of the traditional henna used to dye the skin on the hands. After the kids are finished decorating their paper hands, they can cut them out. Some children may want to use other colours or even glitter for their Mendhi hand designs.

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