Indoor Marble Games

Written by robin reichert
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Indoor Marble Games
Play indoor marble games anytime, anywhere. (marble in a group of marbles image by Ellanorah from

When most people think about playing marbles, they think of getting down in the dirt and trying to shoot marbles out of a circle. Marble games can be played indoors as well. With some imagination and a bag of marbles, there are endless ways to play marble games. Indoor marble games of accuracy can be played by two or more players and serve as a rainy day activity.

Marble Arch

Marble Arch is an indoor marble game that requires players to shoot a marble with accuracy. Use a heavy piece of cardboard about 2 feet long and cut out 12 arches to create openings along one side of the cardboard. Number the arches 1 through 12, and fold 1 inch on each end of the cardboard back so that the arch will stand upright. Players need to roll dice to determine what arch they must shoot their marble. For example, if a player rolls seven, he must aim for arch No. 7. If a player misses or doesn't get the marble through the arch, then the marble is forfeited. It is placed to the side and the next player rolls the dice and shoots. The player who gets his marble through the correct arch may claim all the forfeited marbles. Players are "out" when they forfeit their last marble. The winner is the player with the most marbles after 10 rounds of play.

Picking Plums

Play Picking Plums by placing a line of marbles in the centre of the floor and have each player contribute two marbles to the line. The object of the game is pick one marble or "plum" from either end of the line of marbles with each shot. Players should take turns shooting at the line of marbles. If a player picks a plum by hitting a marble on the end of the line, she needs to remove both the picked marble and the one used to shoot. If the player misses the marble used to shoot, it's forfeited and placed at the end of the line of marbles. The player with the most marbles after all the plums are picked wins the game.

Marble Mini Golf

Set up a mini golf course using things around the house and plastic cups placed on their side for the holes. The golf course can consist of any number of holes, but nine is a good number. Use shoe boxes or books to create obstacles that the players must shoot around or through. Create tunnels using empty paper towel centres or toilet paper rolls. Players progress through the game by placing a marble in front of the obstacle and shooting it with their shooter. Players keep score by counting the number of tries it takes to get the marble into the plastic cup. The player with the lowest number of shots wins the game.

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