Funny Potato Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Give a laugh with a great gag gift inspired by the lowly potato. Combining the potato with humour elevates this tuber to levels of hilarity incapable of being achieved while the potato remains in a produce bin. Not all funny potato gifts use real potatoes, but they take inspiration from the scruffy tuber, which lends its name to common phrases such as "hot potato" and "couch potato."

Potato Gun

Plastic potato guns shoot tiny pellets of real potato. Look in joke stores and on the Internet for potato guns in a variety of styles and models. These favoured childhood weapons get their ammunition from potatoes, reducing the cost to reload.

Potato Face Man

Look for potato man toys, such as Mr. Potato Head. These toys feature interchangeable parts to alter the face of the potato by adding different ears, eyes, eyebrows, mouths, noses and hats. This customisation themed designs with tie-ins to movie characters are also sold in toy stores and on the Internet.

Couch Potato Clothing

Young and old alike tend to gravitate toward the sofa in front of the television for a rest after a long day. Give the couch potato in your life a shirt to wear as he channel surfs from the sofa. Designs for babies noting the wearer as a "crib potato" are perfect for infants who spend most of their days in their cribs. Look online for couch potato clothing wear for adults and infants.

Potato Clock

Unleash potato power by giving a friend a clock that will never need batteries again. Potato clocks use a reaction between the potato and the copper and zinc in the wires to create a small charge, enough to operate a small digital clock. This gift sitting on an office desk will make any geek proud.

Pet Potato

Upgrade from the pet rock of the 1970s to a modern pet potato. Look for a small rodent cage and insert a large russet potato. Put warning signs over the cage indicating that it contains a pet potato. Instruct the recipient to be sure to take care of her "pet" by keeping it in a cool dark place, and if she tires of the pet potato, she can eat it for dinner.

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