Gift ideas for an 87-year-old female

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While shopping for an elderly woman may seem difficult, there are actually lots of items that many 87-year-old women would love. Choose something that will make her days more comfortable or a gift that will keep her entertained if she is homebound.

Come up with a present that puts a smile on her face and you can't go wrong.


One of the best gifts you can give an elderly person is the gift of your time. If she can still get around reasonably well, pick her up and take her out to a nice restaurant for lunch, or take her to a clothing store and help her pick out a new dress. You could also take her to a craft store, buy supplies and then go back to her house and make crafts. If she is not able to get out of the house very much, go to her home and watch a movie with her, help her clean some things and do some jobs around the house or spend time in conversation with her.


An 87-year-old woman came of age in a time that people did not talk on the phone as much as they do now and e-mailing was not even an option. People wrote a lot of letters in those days to communicate with one another. Many older women still like to write letters to their friends and family members. Give her a set of stationery with her initials on it or in her favourite colours so that her letters look even better.


When an elderly woman lives alone, cooking for herself can be difficult and can also be tiresome. Give her a night off from cooking. Go to her home and cook a meal for her. You could also cook the meal at your own house and bring it to hers. But rather than leaving it there and letting her eat it alone, stay and eat with her. Another idea is to take her out to a restaurant for a meal, especially if she can't drive anymore or lives in an assisted living facility.

House Plant

Maybe the 87-year-old woman for whom you are shopping loves gardening but isn't able to get outside and work with her flowers anymore. Let her get her gardening fix indoors and help her stay out of the heat or cold by giving her a potted plant for her home. Choose a flower that works well indoors, such as a begonia. A green plant, such as a philodendron, is another good indoor plant. If she enjoys cooking, give her a few small potted herbs so that she can both grow them and use them in her food.