Large Garden Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A large garden allows for many different design possibilities and garden themes. When designing your large garden, consider visiting a public garden to gather ideas. Decide on an overlying theme before the entire garden is planted. If this is not possible, the garden can always be modified later. With a little planning and work you can make your large garden a backyard getaway.

Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden is planted using flowers that specifically attract and nurture butterflies. Planting butterfly gardens in small areas throughout a large garden will attract a large quantity of butterflies. Flowers that attract butterflies include sunflowers, butterfly bush, marigold, peony, yarrow and goldenrod. Some provide nectar for butterflies while others feed their larvae, so it is important to plant them together when creating a butterfly garden.

Garden Pathway

A winding garden pathway that passes through each area of your large garden makes a romantic addition to the area. Place stepping stones into the ground, creating a pathway through the garden. Because the stones are laid into the ground, you can plant a low-lying ground cover such as Irish moss or the sweet-smelling creeping thyme to surround the stones. Use this pathway not only for convenient navigation when tending plants but as a morning or evening getaway. For a stylised appearance, sunken lights can be installed into the ground along the garden pathway to light the way during dark hours.

Moonlight Garden

Moonlight garden flowers are flowers that open create beautiful displays under the light of the moon. These flowers can be planted throughout your large garden area or in a small, secret area that only you know about. Flowers that bloom at night include white phlox, salvia, moonflower vines, angel's trumpet, lemon lily and August hosta. These plants release their scent during the moonlit hours to attract nighttime pollinators such as moths. Be prepared for these winged visitors when you venture into your moonlight garden.

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