How to Set a Swing Set in Concrete

Todd Warnock/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A swing set can turn your backyard into a playground for your kids and their friends. Properly anchoring the legs is important to ensure safety. If not anchored, the legs can lift off the ground during use. Solve the problem by setting the swing set poles in concrete, an inexpensive task that won't take very long. Your children will be able to use their swing set the same day.

Place the swing set where you want it to be located and mark each pole position on the grass with spray paint, a brick or a stake.

Move the swing set aside. Dig a hole about 30 cm (12 inches) deep and 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter with a post hole digger or shovel at each position you marked.

Add 7 cm (3 inches) of gravel or a brick at the bottom of each hole.

Move the swing set so each leg is in one of the holes, resting on the gravel or bricks. Use a level to ensure the top pole of the swing set is level to the ground. Adjust the legs and the gravel or bricks if necessary.

Mix the fast-setting concrete according to directions. You will have two options: either mix the concrete in a separate container and fill each hole when it's ready; or pour the dry concrete mix into the holes, then add water with a garden hose and mix it right there.

Smooth the surface of the concrete with your trowel, sloping slightly down toward the outer edge so rainwater will not pool around the legs.

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