How to break a brick in half Images

Masonry workers use stone or bricks bound together by mortar to build structures and sometimes use specialised tools to break bricks in half. They cut brick when completing corners, using bats (broken or cut piece of brick) to fill in wall openings or placing closure bricks. Chisels and masonry hammers are used to make the cutting line when breaking or cutting brick. A masonry hammer is square and flat on one end and sharp like a small chisel on the other end. Although brick is made of a tough material, breaking it in half is not difficult when you have the proper tools.

Use the chisel to mark off the halfway point on the brick. Place the straight edge of the chisel on the brick at the midpoint, lightly hammer the chisel into the brick and score a line all the way around the brick.

Turn the brick so that you are facing the part you want to save.

Hold the brick firmly at the side facing you and hit the other end with the masonry hammer. Applying a sharp blow to one side of the cutting line should break the brick at the cutting line.

Trim off any rough spots using the masonry hammer blade (chisel side).

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