Toonattik Games to Play

Written by dan chruscinski
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Toonattik Games to Play
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Toonattik is a television channel and website devoted to cartoons and the kids and teens in the United Kingdom who watch them. The website also features an ongoing contest pitting boys against girls with each team gaining points by playing different games on the website. Each of the website's games contribute points to your team based on your performance, so replaying games is a must to improve your skills.

Play it Safe

Play It Safe is a trivia game where you are asked several true-or-false question. Answer the question correctly and you open a safe that can contain points or garbage. If you want to play it safe you can keep the contents or choose “Live Dangerously” in which case you pick a key or combination for a wall of safes. You can double your points, gain extra points or lose them all.

Atlantic Antics

A goldfish has been flushed down the toilet in “Atlantic Antics” and you need to keep it fed while avoiding predators. Move the fish around by dragging your mouse cursor over the screen and send the fish to the pink piles of food. Do not let the fish touch any of the other fish in the water or it will be eaten and you will receive a "game over." The more food you eat, the higher your score.

Toon Tremors

You begin “Toon Tremors” holding a tray with three glasses on it. On the bottom left side of the screen is a meter that moves from right to left. Press the arrow keys on your keyboard to keep the dial in the centre of the meter. If the meter goes too far to one end, your onscreen character will tip the tray and lose glasses. After a certain period of time you will score points for any remaining glasses before more are added to your tray. Lose every glass and it is game over.

Pie Palaver

In “Pie Palaver” you are given nine buttons that correspond with pie ingredients. Unfortunately, you do not know which button goes with which ingredient. The goal is to test three buttons at a time to see if they match the ingredients needed for the pie. Through trial and error you must find out which buttons contain the needed ingredients to make the pie and score points.

Feel N' Squeal

Move your mouse over the dark goo and click to reach for the stars that appear. Grab stars to earn points. If you miss the star you lose points. Accidentally grab one of the creatures in the goo and you will lose time as you shake the mouse back and forth to get rid of the critter. Points are added up after each level, and doing poorly can result in a negative score.

Heads or Fail

In “Heads or Fail” you are in charge of keeping a snowman's head in the air. Click under the head with your mouse cursor to launch the head upwards. Keep track of the head and when it gets close to the ground click again to relaunch it. Every time the head hits the ground it will lose a part of the snowman's face. Lose every piece of the face and the game is over. The more times you launch the head in a row the higher your score.

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