Face Exercises for Facial Weight Loss

After losing weight, many people find that fat deposits persist in their face. Facial exercises target specific facial muscles and are designed to reshape the face by burning fat deposits. Over time, the cheeks, jaw line (jowl), chin and neck can appear firmer and toned with consistent facial exercise. The exercises take only a few minutes each day and can be performed during the morning while getting ready for work, or in the evening as one prepares for bed. Facial exercises can also be performed at work while sitting at your desk.

Expression Exercises for Cheeks

Expression exercises for the cheeks may help to reduce sagging and burn fat in the face. These exercises will help firm and tone the face and cheeks while helping you to reduce fat deposits.

Inflated Cheeks

Perform the Inflated Cheeks exercise by first inflating your cheeks so that they bulge outward. Inhale and as you start to exhale catch your breath in your mouth to expand your cheeks. Open your eyes widely in a surprised expression. Using the air pressure in your lungs, press the air outward against one cheek and then against the other. Continue alternating the pressure from left to right until you are out of breath. Relax for a few minutes and then repeat the exercise for a maximum of five repetitions.

Relaxed Smile

Relax your entire face for the Relaxed Smile exercise, and you should have a neutral expression. Without moving any other muscles of your face, smile widely. Keep the area around your eyes and your neck as relaxed as possible. Hold the facial expression for up to 10 seconds and repeat this exercise for five repetitions.

Fish Face

Do the Fish Face exercise by pursing your lips as if to kiss someone and then draw your cheeks in tightly. Suck in your cheeks tightly and allow the lips to protrude, and hold the position for at least 10 seconds. Relax your face and then repeat the exercise four more times.

Facial Exercise for Jowls

Reduce fat in the jowls by placing your fingers at the beginning of the smile lines that have developed from the corner of your mouth to your nose. Place your index finger at the top near your nose and your thumb at the bottom near your mouth. Next, smile widely while pressing down at these points. The muscles of your face will be resisting against the pressure of your fingers. Hold the smile for at least five seconds with continuous pressure from your fingers.

Under Eye Facial Exercise

Do this exercise on a regular basis to reduce fat under the eyes, as well as tighten muscles around the eyes and forehead. When your face is completely relaxed, open your eyes as wide as possible. You should look like you are surprised. Pick a point on the wall and stare straight ahead with your eyes wide open for at least 10 seconds, and take deep breaths and relax. Repeat this under eye exercise at least five times or more once a day.

Facial Exercise for Neck and Chin

Relax your facial muscles and breathe normally. Begin by forcing your facial muscles down in a frowning expression. Continue forcing the muscles down until the tendons in your neck begin to stand out, and maintain this position for about five seconds. Relax for five seconds and then force your mouth into a smile pulling your muscles upward. Smile until the tendons in your neck are standing out and hold the smiling position for five seconds and then relax. You should alternate between smiling and frowning for five repetitions daily. This exercise will help firm up sagging neck skin, burn fat in the neck area, and reduce fat in the chin.

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