Gifts for leaving employees

We spend so much of our time at work that we can often become close to our employees and coworkers. Even though we know it's normal for people to move on and up, it can be difficult to say goodbye to an employee after a long, successful working relationship. Giving a farewell gift to a leaving employee is a good way to let her know she won't be forgotten, and to thank her for her hard work.

Gift Basket

Purchase gift baskets ready-prepared, or make one yourself. Choose gift baskets containing luxuries like wine and caviar, treats like body lotions and shower gels, or even necessities like canned food and toilet paper. If you know your employee well and are familiar with his hobbies, consider creating a themed gift basket. For a golf lover, include engraved golf balls and other golf-related memorabilia. For a dog lover, include a plush toy dog, some dog-print handkerchiefs and a small framed poster of her favourite dog breed. Wrap the gift basket with cellophane and tie it with coloured ribbon for a special touch.

Engraved Plaque

Arrange for an engraved plaque to be custom-made for your leaving employee. This is an especially nice touch for a long-term employee who is moving onto another job or retiring. Include the employee's name and the dates she worked at the company, and a personal message such as "Thanks for your hard work" or "We enjoyed working with you."

Framed Photograph

If you are a close-knit workforce, consider framing a photograph of your leaving employee and his coworkers at a conference, holiday party or team building course. Glue the photograph onto light-coloured matting and have your other employees write personal messages directly onto the matting. Frame the picture with a black, wooden or metal frame for a lasting memory.

Business-Related Gift

If you work in a specific business, such as labour, give your leaving employee a business-related gift, such as a pen knife. If you're in a more corporate business, give a gift your employee can use in her next job, such as an engraved leather briefcase or day planner.

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