Uses for a Ginseng Ficus Bonsai

The ginseng ficus is also known as the bonsai ficus, Chinese banyan, banyan fig, Chinese ginseng, panax ginseng, and the Taiwan ficus. Ginseng has be touted as a cure-all by many who believe in alternative herbal remedies. The Chinese have been using ginseng in medicine for centuries and believe that it has the ability to calm the body by returning balance to it.

Herbal Remedy

Chinese medicine regards panax ginseng as an adoptogenic herb that helps regulate the body so that it can remain healthy while dealing with stress. The Chinese call it yang ginseng. Yang ginseng is used for long-term revitalisation and regular use can help a person maintain their vitality by improving the overall function of the immune system. Its phyto-hormones help with hormonal problems such as low testosterone, impotence, insomnia and hormonal imbalances that may lead to breast cancer. Panax ginseng may also help people with diabetes regulate their blood sugar levels.

Natural Air Filter

Bringing plants indoors not only provides the home or workplace with lovely green foliage, it also cleans the air. Ficus plants work as natural air filters and can purify the air you breathe by reducing the level of chemical pollutants that are released into the air by carpeting, vinyl, ceramic, and other kinds of building materials. They won't completely clean the air indoors, but they will remove a good amount of pollutants. If used in conjunction with an air purifier, allergy sufferers will find a vast improvement in the air quality of their homes and offices.

Food & Beverage

During the hottest days of the summer, Koreans make sam gae tang or chicken ginseng soup. This soup is thought to replenish essential nutrients and help the body get rid of toxins by sweating them out. Consuming Korean chicken ginseng soup may even protect you from catching the common cold. Ginseng tea is also thought to help the body boost its immune system.

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