Beauty salon interior design ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Creating the right atmosphere in your beauty salon is a vital part of attracting and keeping clients. A number of factors influence the atmosphere, including colours, lighting, decor items and display areas. Determine the mood you want in your salon, then invest in a design that conveys that feeling.


Use colour as the main tool to create a mood. One colour palette may define a frantic, energetic space. Another colour scheme may evoke a calm, relaxed one. For a modern feel, black combined with bright accent colours, such as red or electric green, is ideal. For a more calming environment, emphasise earth tones with wood accents or softer hues of your favourite colours. Funky salons will feature a combination of bright colours and interesting geometric shapes.


A theme decor may set you apart from other salons, but may also result in a limited clientele. Choose a theme with interesting wall accessories. Hang Japanese lanterns, pictures of famous musicians or 1950s memorabilia on the wall. In a trendy environment, incorporate interesting angles, such as oddly shaped ultra-modern chairs and hexagonal or octagonal mirrors. Intense colour changes, such as blacks with contrasting bright orange or fuchsia, can complement the feel.


Natural lighting is the best for evaluating a client's hair colour and texture. The more windows you have, the better. In treatment areas, install overhead lights to best see the clients' hair and wall lights to see their faces. Have separate controls for overhead lighting and wall sconces so that you can adjust them. After a treatment, turn off overhead lights and leave wall sconces on to provide a more relaxed atmosphere. Include plenty of lighting in the reception area, or use lighting to introduce a design element. Choose colourful glass pendant lights to hang over each styling station or add an element of opulence by hanging a large crystal chandelier in the reception area. Track lighting can impart an industrial touch to a loft-style salon.


Keep reception and retail areas clutter-free by storing magazines in decorative baskets and displaying brochures in literature holders. Coat racks and trash receptacles will keep the salon tidy. Decorative shelving will display products in an attractive manner. Paint a wall a bright contrasting colour and install glass shelves, or position freestanding furniture-inspired displays in a wood finish. Prominently display the products that your stylists use during services for clients who want to buy them.

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