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How to Use Koleston Perfect

Updated February 21, 2017

Many women are unhappy with their natural hair colour. You may want to colour your hair to add depth and beauty or to cover up unwanted grey hairs. Still, you may also just be bored with your natural appearance and ready to spice things up a little. One way to accomplish this is by using hair colouring products such as those offered by Wella Professionals, a company that sells Koleston Perfect.

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  1. Put on protective gloves before colouring your hair with Koleston Perfect.

  2. Mix together equal parts of the Koleston Perfect and Welloxon Perfect products provided in your hair colouring kit. This will create your colouring mixture.

  3. Apply the colouring mixture to the roots of your hair and work toward the ends. Be sure to cover all of your hair evenly with the mixture.

  4. Wait 30 to 40 minutes and do not use a heat source on your hair. This will allow the colouring mixture to penetrate your hair.

  5. Rinse your hair thoroughly in the shower, removing all of the colouring mixture. Don't shampoo your hair for at least a day after colouring with Koleston Perfect.

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Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Koleston Perfect colouring kit

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