Toucan Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Toucans are colourful birds that hail from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. If you are teaching children about these vibrant birds and want to provide them with a hands-on learning experience to foster a greater understanding of the birds, consider having them make crafts related to toucans. Crafts will teach children about the anatomy of these birds, and while they are constructing their crafts, you can also teach them about the habitat and lifestyle of toucans.

Recycled Toucan

For this craft you will need a half-gallon milk carton and a toilet paper tube. Thoroughly wash out and dry the milk cartons. Provide children with glue, black construction paper, googly eyes, green, yellow, orange, red and white paint and paintbrushes. Have children begin by painting their toilet paper tubes to represent the bill of a toucan. While the tube is drying, help them cut the tops off their milk cartons and wrap them with the black construction paper, using glue to hold it in place. Once the toilet paper tube has dried, attach it to the centre of the milk carton--this will become the toucan's beak. Have children use the white paint to create a circle on the milk carton that extends around the toilet paper tube. When the paint has dried, they can glue their googly eyes on the white area above the toilet paper tube beak.

Tissue Paper Toucan

In this craft, children use crumpled up tissue paper to create a toucan. From Clip Art, print out an image of a toucan. Cut the image out and trace it onto a heavy piece of oak tag--this will serve as a template. Provide children with the template, black construction paper, white chalk, glue, different coloured crepe paper and scissors. Instruct them to use the white chalk to trace the template onto the construction paper. Once traced, they may use the scissors to cut out the image. Have kids tear the crepe paper and roll the torn pieces into balls. Have them attach the crepe paper pieces to their toucans with glue to make the birds colourful beaks and heads.

Toucan Mask

Kids will have fun pretending they are toucans after they make this craft. Give each child a toilet paper tube, a paper plate, glue, a variety of coloured markers and feathers and scissors. Help children cut eye holes in their paper plates. Instruct children to decorate their paper plates and toilet paper tubes with the markers and feathers--using glue to affix the feathers. Have them attach their toilet paper tubes to their paper plates--making the toucan's nose. Cut two lengths of ribbon and attach them to either side of the paper plate with tape or staples. Use the ribbon to tie the masks onto the children's faces.

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