Thomas & Friends Games for Kids

Updated April 17, 2017

The popular train character Thomas the Tank Engine and his various friends come from a series of kids' books written by Reverend W. Awdry beginning in 1942. The characters have since appeared in 40 books by Awdry and his son in addition to television shows, videos and DVDs, model train toys, and a wide variety of games. Kids can play a number of online Thomas games, the "Building the New Line" computer game, a Thomas DVD Bingo game and a series of Thomas board games.

Online Games

The Thomas and Friends website has 31 games for kids of all ages. The games range from simplistic in the extreme to relatively difficult. Your kids can interact with Thomas and his friends in games that allow them to build or paint tank engines, race against other trains, put together train-styled jigsaw puzzles, build Thomas and other train items out of virtual plastic building blocks, match Thomas cards, and guess Thomas and his friends' emotions. The site also includes balloon, discovery, strength, remote control, celebration and train whistle games. All games can be played as many times as you like for free. The objectives of the games are easy for children to understand and rules of the games are displayed in large letters at the beginning of each game sequence.

Board Games

Thomas and his train friends have made their way into a handful of board games available from local toy stores and online. Mattel makes the "Thomas and Friends Birthday Surprise Game," which has kids ages 4 to 10 match party favours along a train route on a colourful board. Briar Patch makes "A Day Out With Thomas" board game for kids from 3 to 7 years old. There are "Thomas and Friends" memory card sets and dominoes, "Great Race," "Making Tracks," "Thomas Bingo," and number games. Enjoy hours of fun away from the computer screen with one or more Thomas board games.

Computer and DVD Games

Thomas and Friends appear in a series of games on DVD available for Windows computers, including "Special Delivery," "The Great Festival Adventure," "Trouble on the Tracks" and "Thomas Saves the Day." The game "Building the New Line" is available for Windows and Apple operating systems. Engage your children with hours of diverse game play with Thomas the Tank Engine in a multitude of different scenarios with various tasks to accomplish. The "Thomas and Friends DVD Bingo Game" is played with a DVD player, remote control, TV and bingo cards with chips and does not require a computer.

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