Instructions for the Little Tykes Hide & Slide Climber

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The Little Tikes Hide and Slide Climber is an easy-to-assemble outdoor play centre that provides an excellent source of activity for children ages 2 to 6. The climber includes high walls, a wavy slide and secret area below the main platform. With the large and easy-to-reach steps, toddlers and preschoolers will find it easy to climb and slide. Little Tikes Hide and Slide Climbers come with labelled parts for ease of assembly. Adult assembly is required.

Check to ensure that all parts are included in the Little Tikes Hide and Slide Climber.

Hold the part with the letters A, E and B labelled on the bottom. Take the two side panels labelled with the letters D, B and C, A. Match the letters on each corresponding part. Insert the part with the letter A into the other part with the letter A. Insert the part with the letter B into the other part with the letter B. Where parts connect, use liquid dish soap or vegetable oil to add lubrication for easier assembly.

Take the two smaller parts labelled with the letter C and the other with D. Insert each part one at a time into the corresponding part with the same letter. Start by inserting the smaller part into the larger part. Then push down while wiggling the part back and forth. Continue until you hear a "pop" sound.

Connect the parts labelled C and D to the larger unit labelled C and D. Lay the entire unit on its side and push down with both hands on each side until you hear a "pop" which ensures that the pieces are locked into place.

Keep the unit lying on its side, and take the smaller part labelled E and connect it to the larger unit in the slot labelled with an E. Push until you hear a "pop."

Take the remaining part (not the slide) and connect it with part E. Push firmly down with both hands. Take the screwdriver and insert one screw at the bottom of part E. Turn the unit and place it upright. Insert the last screw into the top of part E.

Take the slide in both hands and connect to the main unit. Push down firmly at the top of the slide. Holding onto the top with one hand and the bottom with the other hand, push the slide towards the ground. If the unit has been correctly assembled, the slide should be level with the ground and firmly connected to the walls.

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