Jesus Is the Light Crafts for Kids

Updated July 18, 2017

Throughout the Bible, references are made to Jesus as "the light." Crafts that focus on light can be used to help children understand and remember many Bible stories and memory verses. Kids of all ages can make a variety of fun and memorable crafts to remind them that "Jesus is the Light."

Glow-in-the-Dark Pillow Message

Provide a pillowcase or small plain pillow to each child. Have the kids print the phrase "Jesus is the Light" on the pillowcase using chalk and letter stencils, or freehand. Have them place a piece of paper inside the pillowcase to keep paint from seeping through. Paint the letters and any desired designs with glow-in-the-dark paint. Let the paint dry before removing the paper insert.

Light Bedroom Messages

Provide a plastic or wood light switch cover for each child. Have the kids apply stickers of Jesus onto the outside surface of the cover and use paint pens or permanent markers to write a "Jesus is the Light" verse on the light switch cover. Spray the cover with clear paint to keep the stickers from peeling off.

Use the same method to transform a plastic night light cover into a verse and Jesus message light. Add the stickers and write the verse onto the plastic cover of a night light that plugs directly into an electrical socket. Spray the cover with clear paint to hold the stickers in place.

Jesus is the Light Musical Shaker

Have kids paint plastic individual-sized juice bottles any colour they choose. When the paint dries, use metallic paint pens or gel ink pens to write a verse about Jesus being the light. Kids may also add stickers of Jesus to the bottle if they wish. Fill the bottle about one-third from the bottom with dried beans, rice, pebbles or small bells. Have the kids glue 2-inch tall strips of red or orange tissue paper around the bottle's lid area. Twist the tissue paper to look like a flame. Have the kids use their shakers to accompany some of their favourite Christian music.

Jesus is the Light Lanterns

Give each child a pint milk carton. Open the entire top of the carton while working on the craft. Have the kids paint the cartons with tempera or acrylic paints.

Have the kids glue pictures or place stickers of Jesus, candles or lighthouses on the four sides of the carton. Use craft hole punches in star, circle or candle shapes to punch holes in each side panel of the lantern, as far down the panel as the punch handle will allow.

Place a battery-operated tea light candle inside each lantern. Close the lids. Form handles with bendable chenille wires and tape the handle to the top of each lantern.

Classroom Garland

Have the kids draw and cut different kinds of lights, such as lanterns, light bulbs, flashlights, lighthouses and candles, from craft foam. Have the kids use glitter glue to decorate some of their lights and markers to write Bible verses on others. Tape all the different lights along a length of crepe paper to make a classroom garland.

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