Driveway fencing ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

A driveway is often what your guests see when they approach your home. Lining your driveway with fencing enhances your home’s curb appeal. Fencing can be functional as well as visually appealing, blocking your neighbour’s view and creating a sense of privacy. Check your city’s building codes to determine the proper height and acquire any necessary building permits prior to breaking ground.

Picket Fence

Picket fences are available in a variety of materials including wood and plastic. Making a picket fence out of wood allows you to customise the shape of each picket or slat. For instance, a traditional picket fence has points at the top of each wood picket, but you have the freedom to make it round or include decorative cutouts. If you do not have the equipment to create custom wood slats, work with a home and garden department store or individual crafter to get the shape you want.

You have a couple options for lining up the pickets including spaced out or flush. A plastic picket fence does not require much maintenance after it is installed except for a little cleaning, but a wood fence requires weatherproofing and future maintenance to maintain the colour and shape.

Rock Wall

Build a rock wall using similar or different coloured stones. Top the rock wall with flagstone pieces. This technique gives the rock wall a more formal, finished look. Leave small spaces between the rocks in the wall to plant little flowers and grasses for an aged appearance. Rock walls can hold hanging objects such as lanterns.

Live Fencing

Live fencing, such as evergreen trees, requires a lot of maintenance in some cases, but it provides the most natural look. Plant your choice of privacy trees in a single row down the sides of your driveway so the trees are in close proximity but not touching. The branches will grow out to touch each other it over time. This technique will diminish gaps between the trees and create a complete privacy screen. If you live in a neighbourhood with other houses nearby, you must constantly trim the trees to keep them within the city’s size regulations. Houses in the country can allow the live fencing to grow freely.

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