Craft ideas to decorate wooden crosses

Updated February 21, 2017

Tastefully decorated wooden crosses placed in homes or churches are symbols of the Christian faith. The biblical account of Jesus Christ dying on a wooden cross to offer salvation to all who believe is recounted and honoured through the display of wooden crosses. Avid crafters often create these representations as a labour of love.


Decorate your wooden cross with an ocean theme. The written accounts of Jesus' life often mention water and the sea. The book of John recalls that Jesus turned water into wine and turned a small amount of fish into a meal for a multitude. Many of the miracles mentioned occurred by the Sea of Galilee.

Paint or varnish the plain wooden cross to match the decor of the room to be decorated. Sprinkle sand onto the finish while wet for added texture. Attach seashells to the surface area of the cross with hot glue. Choose one colour or size of shell or mix sizes and colours for a less formal look.

Family Affair

Display the unity of family faith with a picture collage cross. Religious lessons are often taught through family sharing of church and observance of holidays. Use this concept to decorate a heirloom cross. Collect family pictures--pictures of members at religious functions or holidays are preferable, but not necessary. Include photos of church leaders who play important roles in the family's religious experience. Paint or varnish your cross and let it dry. Cut the pictures into the smallest pieces possible while still showing faces to allow for the maximum number of pictures. Arrange the photos on the cross and glue them down. Apply a coat of clear varnish to seal the pictures onto the cross.

Reflective Easter Cross

Easter is the Christian holiday for reflecting on the crucifixion on the cross and the resurrection of Jesus. This spring holiday is filled with images of blooming flowers representing the rebirth or rising from the dead. Combine this time of reflection and flowers to create a decorative wooden cross. Apply a clear finish to your plain wooden cross. Cut or purchase pieces of mirror slightly more narrow than the width of the cross and attach with hot glue. Arrange a small bunch of spring flowers into a bouquet. Attach to the cross with floral tape or wire. Forgo a bouquet and wrap a floral vine loosely around the mirrored cross.

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