Basketball Jersey Regulations

For many years now, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has enforced uniform and jersey regulations. The rules state that the jersey must be made by Reebok. Also, during player introductions, they all must be uniformly dressed. Other rules include that players must remove their warm-ups on the bench rather than at the scorer's table. When a player is not in uniform, he must be in a suit or sport coat. Coaches also must be in a suit or sport coat while coaching. Finally, if a player is wearing a band-aid, it must be plain with no names or promotions on it. Dwayne Wade received a fine for wearing a bandage with the name "Flash" written on it.


When a team violates the uniform policy and rules, the league's first action will issue a warning. In the result of a second violation, the team will receive a fine. If a third violation were to occur, the team and the play that violated the regulations will both receive a fine.

Shirts, Shorts and Jerseys

A player must tuck his jersey into his trousers before entering the game and while playing. Also, no T-shirts are allowed. Finally, players cannot wear any chains or jewelery over their clothes. A player's shorts are not to extend more than 1 inch below the knee. For example, Indiana Pacers centre Jermaine O'Neil received a £6,500 fine for having shorts that were too long.

Shoes and Socks

Shoes are the only article of clothing that can have a commercial logo. Any form of stockings or tights is also prohibited in game play.


Players are allowed to wear wristbands while playing. However, the width of the wristband cannot exceed 4 inches. Also, headbands are legal while playing as long as the they are not wider than 2 inches. No headgear can be worn at anytime except while playing. This includes media interviews or on the bench.

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