Ideas for Raised Planting Beds

Updated February 21, 2017

Not only do raised beds add to your landscaping, they also have several benefits. Raised garden beds allow soil to remain airy and reduce soil compaction. By raising your beds, you will not have to aerate your soil as frequently. Pests often find it difficult to get into raised beds, so they are likely to pass them up for ground-level gardens. Many different ideas for raising your beds exist and can add an artistic flair to your favourite summer spot.

Pyramid Beds

A new trend suggested by the Raised Garden Beds website is the pyramid bed. Not only does it look amazing when it is in full bloom, but it allows you to design your pyramid exactly the way you want it to look. You basically build a regular raised bed, and then a smaller one to fit on top and an even smaller on top of that. You can add as many layers as you would like, and put whatever you want in them. The design is ideal for strawberries and tomatoes, as the levels keep your fruits and veggies off of the ground. Hanging flowers also look attractive, and pyramid raised beds create an interesting lawn centrepiece.


Making your raised garden beds into a tranquil bench seating areas is another idea given by the Raised Garden Beds website. This idea consists of two identical raised beds. You can decide what shape you would like to use, but raise them up to a height that is suitable for sitting. Purchase about 10 long pieces of wood, and lay them across the two raised beds to create a bench. This makes for a morning coffee spot or just a place to go and relax.


Another idea for raised garden beds is to create a garden full of shapes. You can add dimensions to your yard, while leaving room for creativity. If you want linear shapes, you can use cedar wood planks, or for circular raised beds you can be creative with the materials you select. Once you master the circle, you can branch out and make flower designs, clover shapes or sun and moon shapes, as suggested by the Exterior Accents website.


Adding tiered raised garden beds makes for a creative addition to your yard. Build your highest tier first, and then make them lower as you move toward the inside of your yard. Often, the highest portion placement is at the back or far sides of the yard, gradually getting lower close to the centre of the yard. This idea may make your garden look larger, as well.

Patio Border

Raised garden beds can make a border around your yard or even your patio. It will accentuate your patio features and bring a few birds and butterflies for you to view while enjoying your seating area. You will want to make sure your patio can support the weight of the beds.

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