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Updated April 17, 2017

Masons use a wide variety of chisels when working with stone and concrete. The pitching tools are used primarily to roughly sculpt bulky blocks, remove large areas of stone and concrete, and pitch the material’s face. Pitching tools are heavy-metal chisels with strong flat ends that are used in conjunction with masonry mallets or lump hammers. A side view of the pitching tool reveals a broad flat contact point that is shaped like a wedge or square. Unlike finer masonry chisels such as the tracing and point chisels, the pitching chisels are used during the principal dressing of the stone.

Pitching Chisel

Basic pitching chisels are made from the highest quality tool steel. The steel is hardened and tempered for heavy use. The chisels are well balanced for easy working. They are usually made from one piece of steel with the handle elongating and becoming a flat wedge at one end. This end is the stone chipper face, which is placed on its side and struck along the line of the stone or concrete. This type of pitching tool takes away large amounts of material from big, rough areas with heavy blows from the mallet or hammer.

Carbide Tip Pitching Chisel

Carbide tip pitching tools have a two-piece construction. The steel handle elongates at one end to form a housing inlay for the carbide tip, which is used to cut the material. When one side gets dull or flattened, it can be flipped and sharpened. Carbide tip pitching tools last longer than hardened steel pitching tools. Manufacturers form their carbide pitching tips with different angles depending on the work they are meant for. The tips can be flat and square shaped or have a modified wedge shape to produce a different pitch in the face of the rock when used.

Hexagonal Body Pitching Tool with One-Sided Carbide Tip

Some pitching tools have one-sided chipper faces. The tungsten carbide tip is located at the end of a steel handle on one face of the wedge. This location allows for angled placements of the carbide tip chisel to produce different stonework. The body has a hexagonal shape for improved grip and strength. Stone masons sharpen the tip regularly to ensure safe, clean cuts with this long lasting chisel.

Pitching Chisel With Hand Guard

Pitching chisels can come with integrated hand guards that fit over the shaft of the tools. The hand guards are made from durable hard plastics or rubbers. They add extra slip-proof grooved handles and a protective collar or shield to lessen misplaced blows from the hammer or mallet.

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