Ideas for Making Thank You Cards

Updated November 21, 2016

Homemade thank you cards express true appreciation from the heart because these crafts are one-of-a-kind customised creations for the recipient. Homemade cards are also often well-received because people know that they take time to make. Create a thank you card that your friend or family member will love by featuring something they like such as flowers, teddy bears or hearts.

Rubber Stamps and Pressed Flower Card

Choose two rubber stamps you think your card recipient will like, such as a butterfly and ladybug. Use black or coloured ink and stamp your first design on the front of the card. Allow the ink to dry and then stamp your other design on the inside of your card. Use sticker letters or markers to write "Thank You" at the top of your card. Then glue pressed flowers such as roses and daisies on the cover and inside of the card. Always leave space on the inside of the card to write your personal message.

Pearl Border Card

Find yellow or purple cardstock and fold in half. Buy artificial pearls at the craft store and glue them along the edges of the front of your card. Cut out flowers or other embellishments to add to the front. You can find pre-cut paper flowers at the craft store or make them yourself by using stencils to cut out flower shapes from pretty paper. Use calligraphy pens to write "Thank You" at the top of the card. If you are not able to write in calligraphy you can simply write neatly or use cursive. Glue more flowers on the inside of your card.

Simple Daisy Button Card

Find purple or pink cardstock and fold your paper in half to create a card shape. Use stencils to trace a yellow daisy on construction paper. Cut out your flower and glue this design on the front of the card. Then glue a small brown or orange button on the middle of the daisy. Glue chipboard letters at the top of the card that say "With Appreciation" or something similar. Chipboard is made from cardboard and comes in many colours; it can be found in craft stores.

Trace smaller yellow daisies on construction paper and cut them out. Glue these small daisies on the inside of the card, but leave room for your message. Glue smaller buttons on the middle of the daisies for the inside of the card.

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