Sewing room storage ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

It’s important to keep your sewing room organised not only for your sanity, but for the safety of others. Small children and pets may enter your sewing room and become injured by items such as needles, scissors and rotary cutters. And because sewing tools seem to reproduce quickly, it’s vital to have a storage system in place. By using inexpensive items like pegboard and clear storage containers, you will know where everything is--and still have enough money for that new sewing project.

Clear Containers

Use clear organisers and containers of all sizes to store tools and accessories. You will easily be able to see what’s inside containers without removing lids or opening drawers. Small to medium size containers hold zippers, buttons, elastic, needles, pens and machine feet, among other smaller tools that can be easily misplaced. And containers with lids are stackable, so you can create towers under tables or inside closets to maximise space.

Plastic Storage Baskets

Invest in plastic storage baskets for filing patterns upright. Label several baskets for different pattern types, such as dresses, blouses, etc. You will be able to flip through the pattern tops to quickly find what you need for each project.

Wall Fixtures

Install a pegboard on the wall near your machine and use it to hold thread, scissors and cutters. Use thread racks from the craft store to display your thread on the pegboard. Hang small baskets and hooks to hold cutting tools on the pegboard. Install a frame around the pegboard to lessen the industrial look.

Hang notice boards to display pattern instructions, project flyers, coupons, fabric swatches and other small, lightweight items. If you don’t have room for a notice board, install cork strips.


Fold fabrics and batting on closet shelves, and hang speciality or delicate fabrics on normal clothes hangers. Use a trouser hanger to hang cutting mats. Store fabric scraps and yarn in a recycled plastic bag by inserting the hanging rod through both bag handles.

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