Sword of the spirit crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Teaching children from the New Testament will lead to learning about the armour of God described in Ephesians chapter six. Part of the armour of God is the sword of the Spirit which represents the Bible. Children use this idea to create their own sword of the Spirit crafts to help them to remember this portion of the armour of God.

Cardboard Sword

Children can make their own sword of the Spirit out of cardboard to carry with a solider costume for the rest of the armour of God. Cut out a 20 inch long piece of cardboard tapering from 3 inches wide at its base to a rounded tip of 1 inch across. Wrap this in aluminium foil and attach a hilt cut out of cardboard to the wide end. Write "Sword of the Spirit" on one side of the hilt and "Bible" on the other. Do not allow the children to swing their sword at others, but only to carry it with them.


Make a sword of the Spirit bookmark for the children to use for keeping a place in their Bibles. Cut out a sword shaped piece of paper with the Bible verse about the sword of the Spirit written onto the blade of the sword shaped bookmark.

Bible Cover

Hand craft a Bible cover with a sword drawn on it as a reminder that the Bible is the sword of the Spirit in the armour of God. Have the children wrap a blank book cover or blank paper grocery bag around their Bible. They then write their name on it and draw a picture of a sword on the cover. Let them put glue onto the blade of their sword picture and sprinkle glitter on for a metallic effect, if desired.

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