Children's talent show ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Talent shows give children a chance to showcase their talent in front of friends and family. Whether they sing, dance, tell jokes or stand on their head, children will enjoy participating in an organised talent show. Get children motivated to perform by holding a talent contest or volunteer event at a senior citizen home. The best talent shows encourage students to be creative and confident in their abilities.

School Talent Contest

Give students a chance to showcase their individual talents and win a prize. A local company may donate a prize for the contest such as an iPod, game system or movie passes. Have children sign up for the show, detailing what their talent will be. Encourage children to be creative and think outside the box of singing or playing an instrument. Wacky talents such as magic tricks, dog tricks, juggling or Yo-Yo tricks will make the show entertaining and humorous. Give each participant a set amount of time to display his or her talent. At the end of the show, let the audience decide the winner by applause.

Senior Home Show

Senior citizens enjoy visits from young people. Organise a talent show at a senior centre in which children and residents participate. Have children sign up to perform talents such as singing, dancing, playing an instrument, telling jokes or doing a puppet show. Use a child with a good sense of humour as the show host. Also, encourage the senior citizens to get involved. During gaps in the show, invite them onstage to sing or tell stories. This will be a great way for children to learn about past events and music.

Talent Show Fundraiser

Get people in the community involved for a good cause by having a talent show fundraiser. Choose a specific organisation to which the money will be donated . Ask community members and local companies to help raise money for the charity by purchasing tickets for the talent show. People will want to hear polished talent when paying for tickets, so hold auditions for students. Use students with practised talent, including choirs and drama teams. Use stage lights and an audiovisual crew to help with lights and music. Take a few minutes in the program to do a presentation on the selected charity and take a special collection for those who want to give more.

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