Hilarious Party Games for Adults

Written by zeus tyrone mendoza
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Hilarious Party Games for Adults
Party games give a good dose of hilarity. (happy girl image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.com)

There are many qualities that make for a successful adult party, such as delicious food or music. One other quality that can help make for an entertaining gathering for grown-ups are hilarious party games. These activities are designed to make attendees play together while having a hearty laugh during any party.


In this party game, one person is designated as the "psychiatrist" and leaves the room. The other players of the game must decide on a problem that needs to be diagnosed by the psychiatrist, such as everyone pretending to be a famous person like Marilyn Monroe. Once the problem has been decided, the psychiatrist comes back in and asks each player various questions in order to identify the correct problem. If a player gives an incorrect answer, another player must proclaim "Psychiatrist!" and switch places with one another. The game ends when the psychiatrist identifies the correct problem. This game can also be modified to have the problem be another person in the room and works best if everyone knows each other well.

The Teddy Bear Game

The illusion of the game is its initial context, which starts with a teddy bear. This bear is passed around to each person in the party, and partygoers are instructed to kiss it anywhere on the body. It is best to urge the players to kiss the bear in "unique" places of the body one would not normally kiss. The big reveal after everyone has kissed the bear, is that they must kiss the person to their left in the same manner. So the more unusual the kiss was on the bear, the better the game becomes. Due to the novelty of this game, it can only be played once since the reveal makes the game lose its replay value.

Phrase Game

Write down several odd or funny phrases on a set of index or blank business cards. The more wacky the phrase is, the better this game will become. Make enough phrases so that each guest has one card, though you can opt to give more if you wish for a more colourful game. Once the guests have a card, it is their assignment to say each phrase casually on a conversation. You can assign any type of winning condition to this game, such as first person to clear their phrases wins or last person with a phrase left is the loser.

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