Wedding Gifts for a Brother & His New Wife

A wedding in the family is an exciting time, especially if the person getting married is a sibling. Give your brother and his new bride a gift that the two will hold close to their hearts for years to come. The gifts can be sentimental or silly or items that will help the newlyweds begin their new life together and husband and wife.


Give your brother the gift of memories that your family has shared. Gather several photos of the two of you, your parents and any other family members. Place these photos into a scrapbook that you fill with humorous memories or other pieces of memorabilia from your childhood, including movie or sporting event tickets or items from a cherished family trip. Save a few pages at the end of the scrapbook to add photos of his new wife with the rest of the family. You can also make the photos into a collage. Add pictures from your shared childhood and more recent photos of the family that include the brother's new wife.

Shared Interest

Give your brother and his new wife the gift of a shared experience. Send the two on a romantic trip to the spa, or give them a gift token to a favourite or romantic restaurant. A couple that shares a passion or hobby such as golf, bowling or painting will enjoy gifts that centre around their shared interest. For instance, give the couple a set of matching golf clubs and a gift token to a local golf course. A couple that enjoys cooking together will appreciate a new set of cutlery or a cookbook. These gifts will allow the new couple the opportunity to spend time together while participating in an activity they both enjoy.

Group Gift

A larger group of siblings can all get together and pool their money in order to purchase the new couple a more expensive gift. For instance, the siblings could offer to pay for a part of the wedding, such as the food or the cake. The siblings could also help the newlyweds pay for their honeymoon. While the new couple is away on their trip, the brothers and sisters can also help take care of the couple's home or apartment and offer to watch any children or pets.

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