Left Over Yarn Knitting Projects

Updated April 17, 2017

Knitters have a lot in common: love of fibre; sharp, pointy sticks; and jargon. They also save yarn left over from many knitting projects. If your leftover yarn collection is taking up more room than your stash of new yarn, it’s time to knit some small projects.

Small-sized Projects

Projects that take only a small amount of yarn include many items for babies like bootees and hats. A pair of child-size mittens can be knitted with about 56.7gr. of worsted-weight yarn. With about 50 yards of leftover sock yarn, you can make a headband for an adult. Or make small socks as Christmas tree ornaments. For wool leftovers, try knitting a mouse and felting it for your favourite cat.

Medium-sized Projects

If you have a collection of leftovers in the same weight, try combining them to make a larger project. For example, with two colours of a worsted-weight yarn, you can make a pair of Fair Isle mittens. Use those scraps of cotton yarn to knit a dishcloth in a two-color, slip-stitch pattern. A scribble lace scarf is an option if you have a variety of yarn weights. Use big needles to knit a few rows with one weight, then change to another weight.

Large-sized Projects

Think of large projects in small pieces. For example, if you have a bag full of leftover sock yarn, knit strips or squares that you can sew together. If you are in a knitting guild, combine members' efforts to knit a blanket for charity out of knitted squares. Techniques, like entrelac or mitred squares, make efficient use of small amounts of yarn.

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